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Buy pre-printed QWIQR Stickers

  • Ready to scan and record your feedback

  • Get started with QWIQR feedback without the hassle of printing stickers

  • Free Royal Mail 1st class postage within the UK*
* We can only post stickers within UK at this time. Please don't order stickers for international delivery.

700 Stickers

£6.99(1p per sticker)

  • 700 pre-printed QWIQR stickers
  • 10 sheets x 70 stickers per sheet
  • More than 20x full class sets of feedback

2100 Stickers - save 33%

£13.99(~0.67p per sticker)

  • 2100 pre-printed QWIQR stickers
  • 30 sheets x 70 stickers per sheet
  • More than 60x full class sets of feedback
Stickers are posted to your PayPal delivery address, please ensure that your delivery address is correct before checkout.