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Data Location Statement

QWIQR takes your data privacy and security very seriously. We realise that as educators complying with the relevant legislation in your country is very important to you.

The UK has left the European Union. However, the UK remains aligned with EU data protections laws, known as GPDR.

Our services continue to be compliant with local legislation in your location, in addition QWIQR allows you to choose the geographical location and legal jurisdiction your QWIQR data will be stored and processed.

  • European union - If you are located in the European Union we recommend that you choose the European Union as your data location.
  • United Kingdom - The UK is no longer part of the European Union. We recommend that our United Kingdom users choose the UK as their data storage location.
  • United States of America - If you are located in the USA we recommend that you choose the USA as your data location.
  • Rest of the world - The UK and the EU both have very strong data protection laws, known as GPDR. We recommend that you choose either the UK or the EU as your data location.

For existing users changing this setting will change the location for all FUTURE data, recordings and uploads. Data for existing QWIQR codes will remain in the data location that was in effect when it was recorded.

To change your data location please go to your QWIQR settings page.

For more information about how QWIQR stores and processed your data please read the QWIQR privacy policy